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We can’t avoid hustling in this Speed City. Sometimes the city rush is what makes us feel alive in this concrete jungle. Through Speed City collection, we want to show how we keep things Easy in this fast-paced city life, rendered in our quality T-Shirt accompanied by fresh graphics and visualization. Our tagline for this […]


The day in Blu York City Starts with an Easy Morning. A cup of Coffee while reading latest news in smartphone or sit down and relax enjoying the morning vibes will be good.   in frame: Black Ripstop Outdoor Hat Stripe Seer Leisure Shirt White Bluecat T-Shirt Olive Patch Slacks visit your favourite coffee shop […]


We are always trying to push ourselves further especially in indigo dyeing. Dyeing in material other than the usual fabric means two times the hard work and needs two times the knowledge in indigo dyeing. We are collaborating with one of the best sneaker purveyor in Jakarta Dope&Dapper in a project of Natural Indigo Dyed Sneakers and […]


New Website. New Process. New Experiments. Our spirit from the start we build Bluesville is based on experiments, from the natural dyeing process to designing entire collection. Our experiments from day one leads us to another one and ended up to us at present, still pursuing further into perfection in every aspect of what Bluesville […]


Bluesville team up with Needleworks Studio to create a special items, utilizing Needleworks’ precise hand stitched sashiko and boro technique. We combine some of our favourite pieces and upcycle them into whole different product. While all process is done by hand, it didn’t fail to capture our value in design as our vision is traditional […]

F/W 18

Improvisations is part of our daily life and it has always been the definition of Jazz until today We show more mature side of us in this collection, deliberately using a more tailored pattern approach to some key items like the Peak Lapel Jacket and Bird Viewer Jacket, taking cues from how the great Jazz […]


The second drop of our seasonal tees series are finnaly dropping and ready to stroll down the Blu York City. This collection convey how we feel living in City through the design. From feeling oversaturated to enjoy socializing with friend and a cup of coffee talking pointless things


Drop 1 of our Spring/Summer 2018 collection is an iteration of our classic outer wear with main inspiration in beach life, justapoxed with military infusion.   One of our new item is the Linen Pull Over Anorak, made from linen fabric that will cover you from that windy morning without having to sweat in the […]


THE NEXT WAVE is part of our Spring/Summer 2018 collection, graphic t-shirt  inspired by everyday beach life and vibes.   Sometimes we are yearning to leave all the busyness from city life behind, enjoying the sea breeze from sunrise to sunset instead. The Next Wave collection culminates that feeling and rendered easy vibes in our […]