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Graphic Retrospective

Still collaborating with a premier factory renowned for it’s expertise in jersey and knitting fabric, our Graphic Retrospective meticulously woven from 30/2S 100% cotton thread (a fusion of 30S threads into one). By plying a 30S thread into one. This finer thread can achieve comfortable and smooth texture without sacrificing the weight. This signature fabric […]

A Walk Along The Plantation

We believe in sustainability and traceability in the products we create. From the natures of Wonosobo, Anyer, Malinau and our very own backyard, our plant-based dye takes time and process to reveal its true colors. Currently, most of indigo that we use are cultivated from our plantation in Wonosobo, where the plants will take 6 […]

Biophilic Tapestry

Biophilic Tapestry ia an artisitic exploration and homage to the deep-rooted connection between humanity and nature. Inspired by the philosophy of Biophilia, which emphasize the innate affinity humans have for the natural world, this collection aims to revive this intrinsic bond. Through the language of fashion “Biophilic Tapestry” masterfully weaves together sustainable materials, classic-organic shapes, […]

Quality Staple

We’ve been doing quality t-shirt for years and each year a new iteration was born with the focus on improvements in several important factors of t-shirt making. This newest iteration of our quality staple t-shirt is developed with comfort in mind while also focusing on the right approach on fit versatility. We are working with […]

Constant Flux

” Movement is the only way you have of affecting the world around you ”  – Daniel Wolpert In Constant Flux Selections, our main inspirations comes from how humans are constantly moving and adapting to a changing environment. Specifically we explore how humans adapt to its ever-changing surrounding and use a comfort piece to belnd […]


In our search for the perfect balance between humans and nature – the biotics, we look again into our biggest inspiration, nature itself, and how nature reacts to the ever-chaning surrounding. The “Sim” here stands for simulating and simulations, where we always try to simulate all biotic and living things value into our garments from […]

Natural Illusions

Nature comes with various illusions they bring about to our everyday life. As we realize it through the years of our life, nature has become part of us through the many illusions rendered and applied to the things we hold dear. In the foreseeable future, we can also envisioned nature as just an illusion because […]

Indigo Dyeing

Indigo Dyeing We are doing some experiment in Indigo Dyeing. Yesterday we had fun by indigo dyeing some of our wooden bowl. The result looks amazing and interesting. The color may not to bold, but this is a really good start for our dyeing improvement in another goods. We also trying the Plant Splatter Effect […]

Terra Firma

Terra Firma What you sow is what you reap. Being born on Earth is a blessing. Rain gives water, sun gives warmth, animals and plants provide food and clothing. As time moving, human develop too. Not easily satisfied and become more greedy. Forgetting the Earth that helped from the start. Moving forward, leaving the Earth […]


Urban lifestyle hustle cannot be separated with the people living in the city, it’s already become part of people’s life. An overdose of urban living can bear burden to one’s mind, that’s why in order to free our mind and keep everything in balance we sometimes just need to get out. Through this “Out In […]

Fall/Winter 2019

We lived where technological breakthroughs are taking over, and the city life gets more packed each day that sometimes we wanted to take a break for a while and head to a more peaceful environment and find time in nature. A place where our mind is free to explore our thoughts. When out in the […]

Hoodie and Sweatshirt

This time we come up with new product line; hoodie and sweatshirt as part of our fall winter collection, a new exploration of our product and design department. Inspired by the urban outdoor lifestyle, the sweatshirt and hoodie are made from a medium-weight fleece constructed with a rather different form. Raglan sleeve is opted for a […]

New Utility Bag

In continuation of the Easy Bag collection we release a couple months ago, we come up with new utility bag design. Exploring with printed fabrics, these bags are a refinement from our previous design iteration. The utility bag may look small but has more than enough space to accommodate your daily essentials, including keys, phone, […]


We can’t avoid hustling in this Speed City. Sometimes the city rush is what makes us feel alive in this concrete jungle. Through Speed City collection, we want to show how we keep things Easy in this fast-paced city life, rendered in our quality T-Shirt accompanied by fresh graphics and visualization. Our tagline for this […]


The day in Blu York City Starts with an Easy Morning. A cup of Coffee while reading latest news in smartphone or sit down and relax enjoying the morning vibes will be good.   in frame: Black Ripstop Outdoor Hat Stripe Seer Leisure Shirt White Bluecat T-Shirt Olive Patch Slacks visit your favourite coffee shop […]


We are always trying to push ourselves further especially in indigo dyeing. Dyeing in material other than the usual fabric means two times the hard work and needs two times the knowledge in indigo dyeing. We are collaborating with one of the best sneaker purveyor in Jakarta Dope&Dapper in a project of Natural Indigo Dyed Sneakers and […]


New Website. New Process. New Experiments. Our spirit from the start we build Bluesville is based on experiments, from the natural dyeing process to designing entire collection. Our experiments from day one leads us to another one and ended up to us at present, still pursuing further into perfection in every aspect of what Bluesville […]


Bluesville team up with Needleworks Studio to create a special items, utilizing Needleworks’ precise hand stitched sashiko and boro technique. We combine some of our favourite pieces and upcycle them into whole different product. While all process is done by hand, it didn’t fail to capture our value in design as our vision is traditional […]

F/W 18

Improvisations is part of our daily life and it has always been the definition of Jazz until today We show more mature side of us in this collection, deliberately using a more tailored pattern approach to some key items like the Peak Lapel Jacket and Bird Viewer Jacket, taking cues from how the great Jazz […]


The second drop of our seasonal tees series are finnaly dropping and ready to stroll down the Blu York City. This collection convey how we feel living in City through the design. From feeling oversaturated to enjoy socializing with friend and a cup of coffee talking pointless things