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A Walk Along The Plantation

We believe in sustainability and traceability in the products we create. From the natures of Wonosobo, Anyer, Malinau and our very own backyard, our plant-based dye takes time and process to reveal its true colors.

Currently, most of indigo that we use are cultivated from our plantation in Wonosobo, where the plants will take 6 months between their first planting as seeds and harvest.

After the indigos are harvested, they are then processed through fermentation and turned into paste, which is then transported to our dyeing workshop in Jakarta.

The long process of research and development on indigo resulted in a deep and thorough understanding of the plant and how to best imprint them into our fabrics.

From cultivating our own indigo plantation comes not just control over quality, but a sustainable stride towards vibrant hues – a serious commitment to a more pure and brilliant color palette.