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New Utility Bag

In continuation of the Easy Bag collection we release a couple months ago, we come up with new utility bag design. Exploring with printed fabrics, these bags are a refinement from our previous design iteration. The utility bag may look small but has more than enough space to accommodate your daily essentials, including keys, phone, markers, lighters, and more. You can adjust the paracord sling by adding a simple knot at the end. We add a simple shoulder pad made from the same fabric for added comfort.

The utility bag could be worn over the shoulder, around the neck or concealed under layered clothing. The patterned fabrics added a whole new level to your easy everyday looks.

The Utility Bag comes in 4 selections: Navy Paisley Easy Bag, Blue Paisley Easy Bag, Sunset Easy Utility Bag, Olive Bandana Easy Bag.