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Natural Illusions

Nature comes with various illusions they bring about to our everyday life. As we realize it through the years of our life, nature has become part of us through the many illusions rendered and applied to the things we hold dear. In the foreseeable future, we can also envisioned nature as just an illusion because we humans threaten nature’s existence with the impact from our daily chores and lifestyle. We wanted to communicate these juxtaposition of nature bringing illusion to make us safe as opposed to us humans making nature as only an illusion and wishful thinking in the future.

In this first drop of Natural Illusions, we are recreating our standard quality shirtings alongside crowd favorite outers and new selections of regular fit pants. Selections of easy camp and outdoor utility shirt are rendered in a more subtle form in Our White Utility Shirt and Olive Camp Shirt, both featuring a functional utilitarian pockets. Our leisure shirt are back with applied chainstitch embroidery details, using fabrics which are fully colored with plant-based dye, including indigo and tree bark. Last not least, the Brushed Batik Easy Shirt is made with batik using brush instead of canting, imbuing our value for future applications of traditional process.