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Quality Staple

We’ve been doing quality t-shirt for years and each year a new iteration was born with the focus on improvements in several important factors of t-shirt making. This newest iteration of our quality staple t-shirt is developed with comfort in mind while also focusing on the right approach on fit versatility.

We are working with one of the best factory specializing in jersey and knitting fabric, we are developing  a comfortable heavyweight fabric, made by using 30/2s 100% Cotton Yarn (plying a 30s thread into one). By using a finer thread we can still achieve comfortable and smooth texture without sacrificing the weight.

Weighing at around 255gsm, this shirt still retain structure for a more versatile fitting but remains a really comfortable feeling through wear. This signature fabric is now exclusively made for Bluesville and will set our t-shirt as the new standard in the heavyweight t-shirt landscape.