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Fall/Winter 2019

We lived where technological breakthroughs are taking over, and the city life gets more packed each day that sometimes we wanted to take a break for a while and head to a more peaceful environment and find time in nature. A place where our mind is free to explore our thoughts. When out in the nature, we can clear our head and switch off from the fast paced city life and enjoy the great outdoors while still looking easy.

We are ending this year 2019 with the first drop of our Fall/Winter 2019 collection. Inspired by outdoor activity, “Out In The Blue” collection is focusing more on outdoor activity attire. One of our new items is Camel Type B Jacket, made from a soft, medium weight canvas fabric completed with 2 chest pockets, donut buttons, and waist adjuster at the back. Indigo Orient Pullover Shirt is made from indigo cotton to give you the best comfort in doing your chore without having to sweat. The Utility Bag, a practical bag for your outdoor activity, comes with 2 compartments, the main is fastened with snap buttons and front compartment fastened with brass zipper from YKK. Lastly, our selection of Utility Shirts are suitable for your tropical adventure and leisure. Comes with 2 utility pockets in the chest, fastened with YKK zipper suitable to carry your daily essentials like keys and cardholder.

The second drop of Fall/Winter 2019 will be released soon.