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New Website. New Process. New Experiments.

Our spirit from the start we build Bluesville is based on experiments, from the natural dyeing process to designing entire collection. Our experiments from day one leads us to another one and ended up to us at present, still pursuing further into perfection in every aspect of what Bluesville is doing.

With new website coming, we are pursuing a better work efficiency from our internal side while delivering better online experience for the customer, so we can put more energy to other focus, such as indigo cultivation and better product development. With the new web, we try to deliver stories to you better, through a more detailed documentations, photos and essays on whatever topic that relates to our development as a brand.

Never not a day with extra work, to deliver not just the best product but also best online customer experience. Hope this new website will develop us more as a brand while serving you guys a better information on what we’re doing behind the screen, the dirty works we did at the workshop, and the countless travel to see interesting places and meet new people.

Cheers for the great things ahead!